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No credit will be given on merchandise that was bought with Rider Rewards Gift Certificates and returned. Merchandise may be exchanged.

NEW POLICY: No credit will be given on merchandise bought online, even if shipped to and picked up at Gateway Harley-Davidson!®

Join our Gateway Rewards Program!

Program Overview

For every dollar you spend in our store, we will give you one point. That’s right. Every dollar you spend in Parts, MotorClothes or Service earns you one point. As your points accumulate you can cash them in for Rider Coupons in our store. These coupons are just like cash, and can be spent on anything in Parts, MotorClothes, or Service.

Point Redemption

Points can be cashed in at any of the following levels. The longer you let your points accumulate, the larger the cash back value!

  • For 500 points you can receive a $20 Rider Coupon.
  • For 1,000 points you can receive a $50 Rider Coupon.
  • For 2,000 points you can receive a $120 Rider Coupon.
  • For 3,000 points you can receive a $240 Rider Coupon.
  • For 4,000 points you can receive a $400 Rider Coupon.
  • For 5,000 points you can receive a $550 Rider Coupon.

Bonus Points

Plus, you can earn an unlimited number of bonus points for specific purchases you make or events you attend! We might even have special event days where you can earn double and sometimes even triple the points on your purchases!

Changes from Past Programs

  • Forgotten cards are no longer a problem! All points are added automatically!
  • You can print out your own Rider Coupons online, if you plan on making a purchase soon (all coupons expire 60 days after redemption).
  • You can check your point balance online and track your recent past purchases!
  • All balances will NO LONGER expire on December 31st! They will instead expire one (1) year after the date of purchase.
  • Changes have been made to the terms and conditions of this program. Please review.

Terms and Conditions

You can redeem your point balance any time within one year of the date of purchase. However, each Rider Coupon must be spent in whole, and no cash or credit will be awarded for invoice differences. Rider Coupons are redeemable for parts, MotorClothes or Service purchases only, and cannot be used towards the purchase of a gift card, credit of a customer account, or credit of a commercial account. Rider Coupons are not redeemable for cash.

Points will be posted to your account within 48 hours. Points can not be earned on the purchase of motorcycles, tax of any item purchased, or collision repair orders. Points can be earned on the purchase of pre-paid maintenance plans. Points can not be earned on warranties, the purchase of extended warranties, or the purchase of extended service plans. All annual balances will expire one year from date of purchase. All redeemed Rider Coupons expire 60 days after redemption.

Rider Coupon to the cashier and provide photographic identification. Points can only be awarded to the account holder, and may not be transferred from one account to another, unless the account holders are part of one household. In this case, written permission and photographic identification of both account holders are required. Lost, destroyed or stolen Rider Coupons will not be replaced.

Gateway Harley-Davidson® reserves the right to discontinue the program or change the program at any time without notice. Rights are reserved to discontinue the Gateway Rewards privileges and/or void all or a portion of the member point balance, if the points have been issued, received or redeemed through human or computer error, fraud, theft, through illegal means or in any manner inconsistent with the intent of the program.

All questions pertaining to this exclusive rewards program should be addressed to:

Attn: Gateway Rewards
Gateway Harley-Davidson®
3600 Lemay Ferry Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63125