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Gateway Harley-Davidson® Learn To Ride - Testimonials


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"The Rider's Edge (H-D® Riding Academy) class was awesome! Everyone I talked to said that taking the class from Harley® was a much much better idea than from anywhere else. I couldn't agree more. When my husband decided I needed a motorcycle, I saw sheer terror in his eyes when I tried to sit on it and operate it. The day I got home from Rider's Edge (H-D® Riding Academy), I was literally able to jump on my bike and ride - first around the neighborhood, then in the parking lot of the nearby community college. He came to watch, and just kept saying "I'm impressed. I'm very impressed," over and over. Since then, I have successfully obtained my motorcycle endorsement (on the first try!) and I'm officially ready to ride. The confidence and knowledge that I have gained from Rider's Edge (H-D® Riding Academy) was truly outstanding, especially in such a short amount of time. Both of the instructors were great, and I really appreciated the laid back, encouraging style. Sorry - no constructive criticism from me. Thank you all for a job very well done."

"It has been a helpful, enjoyable, enlightening, revealing experience. If anyone thinks that they know how to ride a motorcycle haven't operated one then they must not have known about the Harley-Davidson® Rider's Edge Program (H-D® Riding Academy). What you think you know about you may not really understand until you go through this program. Being a first time rider myself, I had the shakes and made mistakes but after my session was over I left with the confidence that I would know how to operate my motorcycle in the safest way while obeying the laws of the road. If anybody ever thougth about riding and plann(ed) on purchasing a motorcycle, purchase yourself a life changing program that will help you survive out in the steret, purchase yourself a Harley-Davidson® Rider's Edge Program (H-D® Riding Academy)."

"The Rider's Edge Program (H-D® Riding Academy) is a fun, educational course. Low stress and informative. This course has definitely made me a more confident, competent rider. These people fill you with encouragement throughout the course. I would highly recommend it."

"The instructors were great and very helpful. I learned a lot and feel pretty comfortable now. i would recommend this to anyone."

"The instructors are very patient and knowledgeable, providing a safe, positive atmosphere to learn. Thanks."

"I fount it to be a very informative course. As a person having no previous riding experience, I found it very helpful. I now feel more comfortable knowing exactly what all the controls are for. The course taught strategy and technique that can be applied in day to day traffic situations. The instructors were very helpful adn positive throughout classtime and course time. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn to ride. Having no experience, I could never imagine getting out into traffic without taking a course such a Ride's Edge (H-D® Riding Academy).