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Gateway Harley-Davidson® Jumpstart

Are you ready to learn how to ride?

Maybe you are. And maybe you aren't. Either way we have some activites to help you develop your skills and get you on your way to riding a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

Ready to learn how to ride a motorcycle? Enroll in our Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy. See details and sign up now.

Not ready yet? We've got several activities planned at the dealership to help you decide whether or not you are ready to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Take a ride on our Jumpstart Ride Simulator, come out to a Women's Garage Party™, or check out one of our Motorcycle Boot Camps. Scroll down to learn more about each of these exciting activities at Gateway Harley-Davidson®.

Take a Ride on our Harley-Davidson® Jumpstart Ride Simulator

No purchase is necessary. No experience is required

This is the perfect experience for the inexperienced. We can roll any model of motorcycle (limited to two wheels) on to the simulator. We lock the front axle to a heavy frame on the ground. The back tire rests on two rotating drums, which allows you to start up the motorcycle and go through the gears of the bike without the risk of falling over or going anywhere, making your experience controlled, safe and fun. See it in action!

Reasons to try out the Jumpstart Ride Simulator

If you have never ridden a motorcycle before, the Ride Simulator allows you to throw your leg over the bike, get a feel for the gears, learn how to shift and feel what it's like to ride a real Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

If you want to feel a little more comfortable shifting gears.

If you want to test out motorcycle models you have never ridden before.

If you want to test out motorcycle accessories like handlebars, seats, forward controls, etc. before purchasing them for your current ride.

If you miss riding because the weather is not great, and want to feel the thrill of an open throttle again.

If you would like to take a ride on our Jumpstart Ride Simulator, just ask one of our sales associates! We plan on having the Jumpstart at all of our major events throughout the year as well! Email for more details!

Check out people just like you when they experienced learning how to ride a motorcycle for the first time on our Jumpstart Ride Simulator!

Women's Garage Party™

Garage Party™ events are women-only social events hosted by Harley-Davidson® dealerships after hours that offer hands-on tips and seminars on key areas of motorcycling basics. Here are some of the things we might cover:

  • GEAR UP: We'll give you the opportunity to try on all the latest motorcycle gear like leather jackets, helmets, boots, riding gloves and more
  • BIKE PICK UP: We'll teach you the proper technique for lifting a bike that's on its side, and practice it with one of our motorcycles. It's a real confidence booster!
  • MOTORCYCLE BASICS: Learn to "talk bikes" by getting familiar with the lingo, and sit on the motorcycles to see which ones you like most.
  • RIGHT FIT: Learn how to customize a motorcycle to fit your personal style, and see how Fit Shop can tailor a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle to fit you.

This event is designed to introduce new riders to the world of motorcycling. It's time to discover the freedom of riding your own Harley-Davidson® motorcycle at the event that is just for women!

Eventbrite - Women's Only Garage Party

Motorcycle Boot Camp

Motorcycle Boot Camp is basic training for anyone ready to ride. We know there's a ton of questions abotu how to get started, and we want to make it easy. We'll start with the basics adn go headlights to tailpipes, getting you up to speed on everything from learning to ride to gear that fits your style. So bring a buddy, grab a cold one and get ready to kickstart some good times!

If you've never ridden a motorcycle before and are looking to bust your world wide open, this event is for you! Forget a cover charge, this event is free. All you need to bring is a few of your friends.

Check out a video about the Motorcycle Boot Camp.

Eventbrite - Motorcycle Boot Camp